Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Weds 2nd December

I must be feeling better. I was hungry all day yesterday and I'm enjoying the taste of my food. I had chicken soup with 4 doorstep sized slices of bread at lunchtime; steak & kidney pie and chips covered with HP sauce for tea; ate half a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk during the evening followed by a cheese and marmite sandwich for supper. Add in the apples, toast, cereals, bag of crisps and copious cups of tea, not to mention eating a pomegranite and getting juice everywhere and you get the idea.
When I started the treatment I weighed over 100 kg (about 15 and a half stone)and When I was weighed last week it was down to about 94kg which means I've lost a stone or so. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I looked a bit thin in the face so I hunted out the bathroom scales. They were in the back of the airing cupboard. Sue says that they're not accurate, but I thought I'd weigh myself anyway. If they're weighing heavy I'm in trouble because even with eating all this grub I'm down to 93Kg or 14 st 9lb.

At any other time I'd say a diet that lets you stuff your face all day and still lose weight would be a winner, wouldn't you?

Enough. I'm off for a snack.


  1. Great news Dave. Good to see that you haven't lost your sense of humour.

  2. Dave that's great. What I want to know is who had the other half of the bar of chocolate & how big was the bar...Tricia xx