Saturday, 7 May 2011

May 7th

It's a few months since I last posted, but no news is good news. The treatment on my finger seemed to work(see my last post)and I'm about to start a course of cream to get the bits that didn't get the full treatment. It'll take six weeks and I'm told it might be painful, so I'm putting off starting it until tomorrow.

What else? I'm still at work three days a week and as long as I manage myself and don't do too much I'm OK. I'll be going back to work full-time in September when the student I'm job sharing with goes off to Uni.

I've got a new band and we're out playing the local open mike nights as featured artist. I'm really enjoying this. The band are all friends and we're having a good time entertaining the audiences. We'll be making a showreel soon and pushing a few doors to get some paid work.

Paid work. I was better off when I was on the sick. My critical illness insurance took care of the mortgage and I wasn't spending anything. However they only pay out for one year. I was glad to get back to work, but working three days a week instead of five means I'm only earning 60% of my previous salary (which was way below the national average in any case).

In about two months time (God willing) I'm back on tour with Nicki Gillis and I just know we're going to struggle because the venues just aren't (or can't) pay anything like a fair rate for a four piece band. We've air fares, hotel bills and diesel to fork out, so there won't be much left for paying household expenses....

Never mind. I'm in a much better place than I was 18 months ago. I'm fit (ish), healthy (ish) and all my teeth are paid for. (I went to the dentist who scored my teeth at 82%- whatever that means). He then said I have to have a crown replaced. That sounds expensive if you ask me.

Life is good.