Tuesday, 22 December 2009


On Monday afternoon I was in my customary position stretched out on the sofa when the phone rang. I got up too quickly and felt a bit dizzy. After that I felt unwell and in the end decided to go to bed early. I must have gone off to sleep right away. The next I knew it was the following morning and Sue is calling to me to wake up.
I got dressed and went downstairs and had breakfast, forgetting to take my medication, and then Sue drove me to the hospital. She dropped me off near the clinic and continued to work, and I walked to the clinic, entered and went straight to the treatment area and sat down. After about 15 minutes one of the nurses asked if I'd been assessed because they didn't have my file. Doh! I should have read the appointment letter.
So I went downstairs and booked in at the reception. A few minutes later I was called through by a nurse. I was weighed (twice, the second time without my Doc Martens as they didn't believe I'd put that much weight on). I put it down to my all-inaction lifestyle (and Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate) and I'm currently breaking the scales at a tad under 100kg. I might have to start doing some exercise, but I'm content to wait until after Christmas and the current course of chemo.
Once the consultation was over I went back to the treatment room and spent the next few hours connected to a drip and alternately reading the paper and dozing off.
I was finished by four o'clock. Sue came and collected me and we drove home through crowded streets. The town was gridlocked again, a combination of bad driving, untreated roads and too many people out shopping.
I'll start the dose of chemo tablets in the morning and hope that I've got enough anti-nausea tablets to get me through the next five days.


  1. Hi Dave,
    Hope you managed to get some anti emetics sorted today! Wishing you and yours a very merry christmas and best wishes for a happy, healthy new year, BG Xx

  2. A quick phone call to the clinic and it was sorted. They keep them in stock for occasions like this.
    Merry Christmas BG and keep smiling!