Monday, 28 December 2009


I spoke too soon. Yesterday was a bad day. Maybe I overdid it on Saturday. I helped Chris soundcheck his drum kit in the studio for an hour or so, and while I didn't do a lot, it was a lot more than I've done of late. Then I stayed up late watching TV. I didn't drink much either.

Something caused me to wake with a start on Sunday morning and boy did I feel ill. I went to the bathromm and lay on the floor for a whille, then ent back to bed. I managed to take some anti-naisea pills along with my chemo pills, and kept them down. I managed to eat some toast then slept til midmorning when I had a cup of tea and brought it back up. So, no more tea. I ate toast and sipped water and dozed/slept until Monday morning. When I felt ill again. There was nothing to bring up but I felt a bit better. However, my fluid intake for the last day has been a lot less than the litre and a half I'm supposed to drink, so I'm not out of the woods yet.

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