Saturday, 5 December 2009


Sue says that i must be feeling better because I've started shouting at the TV again. Well, there's plenty to shout about. The whole Man Made Global Warming conspiracy is starting to unravel as people realise that lies and spin are part of the scientific process as well as the political one.
I have plenty of time to surf the internet and I recommend you drop by for an insight into what's going on. The AGW scaremongers would have us believe that today's temperatures are unprecedented and it's all our fault and produce a fatally flawed "hockey stick" graph as proof with no argument. Other scientists have asked for the data so that they can independently verify it, but no, they won't release it.

So what's this got to do with my current health status? Try this.I'm feeling unwell but don't wish to consider the fact that I might have a serious illness. I pay a specialist to examine me to give me a clean bill of health, and to disregard any symptoms or results that may prove contrary to my preferred diagnosis because they are an inconvenient truth. I obtain the report and tell the world that I'm healthy and have a doctor's report to prove it. My loved ones and other concerned individuals see the report and contrast it to my actual physical condition and are righly concerned. Are they sure about this? Did they run tests? All of them? can we see the results of these tests? Why not? Can we take the data and have it independently verified? Can we have a second opinion?

All right so my analogy is backward. I'm really ill but wish to convince the world that I'm well. The global warming scaremongers are doing the opposite. They earth is behaving much as it always did. The weather is variable. It's been a lot hotter in the past and it's been a lot colder. They are trying to convince us that the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age (which is the story of the planet's weather in the last 1500 years) didn't exist and they have the figures to prove it. OK, show us the figures. Let us have a second opinion on that.

If I were seriously ill but wished to make it known that I was healthy and well, people would question my motives wouldn't they? What is he hiding and what does he stand to gain or lose by this? So it is with those who are trying to tell us something that just blatantly isn't true. What are they hiding? What do they stand to gain by lying to us?

As you can tell, I am feeling better. Apart from severe back pain from when I put my back out while throwing up last weekend.

Another post soon

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