Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday morning

As Monday progressed I felt well enough to sit downstairs and start work on my accounts for this year- something that I dread even when fully fit. I managed to file 2008-9 with HMRC by the end of October this year, after what seemed like interminable phone calls and aborted sessions online. Most years I'm so wound up by the process that I put off filling the following year's accounts until the last moment. As my music career has been cut short by events I'm taking this opportunity to start work early.
I was also conducting a conversation by text with my son Chris, who left home on Sunday evening at about 10.00, drove to Durham, parked up for a few hours, loaded and drove to Glasgow, and then drove home via Northampton, a distance in excess of 700 miles in around 18 hours. I've driven to Truro in Cornwall and back in a day, stopping only for a walk on the beach at Perranporth, and I drove over 400 miles in a day and played a festival when on tour with Nicki Gillis last summer, but 700 miles on Britain's roads in a day is a lot.
Anyway, the upshot was that I ended up more tired than I realised, and was quite groggy when I dragged myself to bed at about 11 o'clock last night.
I must take it easy today.

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