Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Those were the days

This is a photo I took of a commemorative plaque beside the road just outside Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire. I was watching a documentary about folk singer Eliza Carthy on Sky Arts tonight and Eliza's family live there. Seeing pictures of the narrow streets leading down to the sea reminded me of the plaque.
I hope that you will take time to read the inscription on the plaque. It tells you in a few words how times have changed. We've had a few inches of snow and the roads are impassible (impassable?). Part of the problem is the ineptutude of many drivers. They just can't drive when there's snow or ice on the road. They drive too fast, all accellerator and brake, and too close to the vehicle in front. Another factor is we drive all year round with summer tyres, and the tread is too shallow to grip when it's snowy. Then there's the nanny state with the health and safety don't drive, stay off the roads, etc, when it's clear to anyone with an ounce of sense that if enough people drove on the roads the snow would be broken down to slush and drain away. The problem with that solution is points one and two- bad drivers and summer tyres.
Anyway, please take time to look at the inscription.

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  1. That would be Americans full stop (period) Any conditions, any time of the year !