Monday, 21 December 2009

Monday morning

Apart from a brief foray to the shops on Sunday, I stayed in all weekend. Today I must go up to the hospital to have a blood test, ready for my next chemo session tomorrow.

One thing about all this enforced inactivity is that I read a lot, watch a lot of TV, and surf the internet. So I followed the latest Climate fiasco in Copenhagen with interest. I've already posted about the hypocrisy of it all, the private jets, the limos, the five star hotels, the deliberate misinformation and scaremongering, the falsification of facts and the rest of the charade. What puzzled me most was why bother? Why do all these fat cats turn up at these events and shed crocodile tears while they cry wolf about the fate of the world's poorest? Why? What's in it for them?
I'm beeing too cynical when I say that the richest nations look down on the poor with distain, and hate them because they produce nothing but children, and knowing that any attempt to improve their lot will only make them breed more. (Their opinion- not necessarily mine) So they stand on the platform in front of the world's media and give away money we don't have to the world's poorest nations, knowing full well that the people who need it won't see a penny, but the leaders of these poorest nations will soon have a shiny new jet so they can swan off to the next global fiasco.
So what's in it for the like of Gore and the others who have grown rich by peddling Man Made Climate Change? Those of us who are old enough to remember Watergate will remember a phrase used at the time "Follow the money". So, where's the money coming from, the money that will keep these vultures circling?
The answer, my loyal readers, who show up to read how my leukaemia is progressing, (please forgive me for using this blog as a soapbox)- the answer is Carbon Trading.
If you are interested and want to know more, can I direct you to this website?

That's it for now. Please keep warm (except my friends in OZ- stay cool mate)

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