Thursday, 3 December 2009


I seem to be recovering well from the treatment last week. My hunger appears undiminished- take this afternoon as an example.
I had a can of soup for lunch, with four doorsteps of crusty bread and a cup of tea. I finished that and still felt hungry so I ate an apple. I nodded off for an hour and Chris came in. he was looking for something to eat so I persuaded him to go to the shop as I fancied a cake or a bun and our cupboards were bare. He returned with a pack of Chelsea buns (yum) and a danish pastry. I'd described a Chelsea bun but he came back with the danish as well as the buns. It tasted lovely! He'd also bought some crumpets and I smelled them as he buttered them from the toaster so I had a couple of those as well.
Hmmm... what's for tea?

On a different note, I had to pay for a prescription at the hospital pharmacy last month, so we looked at getting an exemption certificate. It took a bit of filling in and obtaining doctor's signatures and rubber stamps, but it arrived in the post yesterday the 2nd December.

What I didn't realise was that I'm entitled to free prescriptions when I reach 60 (along with my bus pass, and that's in about three weeks.......

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