Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Eve continued

As I was writing the last post I became aware of movement downstairs. The cat roams freely at night so I ingored it at first. It was when I heard the cutlery drawer open that I thought I'd better investigate. I went downstairs and Chris is in the kitchen making a sandwich. He'd walked back from the pub in the town centre and crept in trying not to make a sound. Having a few beers and trying to move around quietly are not normally compatible. So we had a cup of tea and I had an early breakfast and we sat and talked until four in the morning when I thought I ought to get some sleep.
I must have slept for all of three hours when a text woke me up. It was Tracy from Oz wishing me a happy Christmas. It was early evening where he was, but early morning here. Anyway, I got up and took the first of the day's dose of pills.
I've reserved a time slot just after the Christmas dinner for my next sleep.

No change there then.


  1. It seems whatever email I am logged into is how i answer, Jewels is my home address, Julie is my baseball address.
    Glad Chris is home safe and that you have nothing to report
    Lave and hugs to all !
    Cousin Ju

  2. What an inconsiderate bastard I am, hope you had a good one mate.... tracy