Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Tuesday started early. I woke up at 5.00 feeling stiff and with pain in my back and pins and needles in the legs. All the symptoms of a slipped disc. I got up and mooched about, started to read the paper and got in and out of the shower in good time to be collected by Sue to go to the hospital. We arrived at the Pathology clinic to see the biggest crowd waiting for tests. Because my appointment with the specialist is dependent on having up to date blood tests, I was given a different waiting room number to those who just turn up and wait their turn. Usually this means that we can be in and out of the clinic in five minutes. I sat down and heard the number 27 called. I looked at my ticket- number 33. This meant 30 minutes wait at least. Oh well, I'll be late for my appointment at the clinic. I read the paper and was eventually called and they took my blood.
We then walked through the miles of corridor to the Centenary Wing. When we arrived the place was full as well. Every seat was taken. The receptionist said that they were running about an hour and twenty minutes late. Some more chairs were found and we settled down with the paper. I read the paper from cover to cover and also completed the crossword and the codeword puzzle.
Sue went to the Outpatients Canteen and returned with a coffee. It was almost three hours before we were seen. My doctor apologised for the late running. They were trying to see all their patients before Christmas. I think one of the doctors was off sick as well.
The consultation went well. My blood tests were encouraging. The leukaemia cells were once again negligible, and my white cells were low, which means that I'm still susceptible to infection. I explained my slipped disc and he thought that it'd probably get better on its own. He was surprised to see that I'd put on half a stone in the past fortnight. (I'm not. I've been eating like a horse, and gorging on Cadbury's Dairy Milk, and taking no exercise.)
So that's the story for now. I'm going to have my next round of chemo on schedule, starting on December 22nd. The doctor said that I could put it back a week, but I know what to expect now, so I'm happy to get on with it.
I ought to get out more. The doc says I should be OK as long as I stay away from large crowds of strangers.

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