Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Boiler update

We had a call from a boiler engineer this afternoon. He had the spares to repair the boiler but hadn't been told that the boiler was upstairs and he had to reach the exhaust vent in order to dismantle the boiler. We showed him where it was, and showed him the sheet of ice outside the back door which was caused by the leaking overflow. He didn't have a ladder or someone to hold the ladder steady, so we persuaded him that it'd be better to leave the spares and get another engineer around once we'd thawed out.
The boiler leaks but it's safe and it's working. That'll do until after the holiday.
We live in Northamptonshire and the engineer had been called in from the Forest of Dean to help with the backlog. They hadn't had any snow so far, so he was surprised to see how bad it was.

Chris has had a busy day. He had to get up early to drive to Coventry to pick up a load and take it to Glasgow. I kept in touch with him through the day. He said the roads were bad on the M6 over Shap and on the M74 near Moffat going up. He followed a snow plough as it removed about 12 inches of snow from the carriageway. He rang later on his way back from Glasgow and on to London to pick up his load for tomorrow. When I spoke to him he had done about 680 miles and had another 85 or so to go. It was raining so he could drive at 70. Once he's collected the load he has to deliver it to Leicester and then he can relax for a couple of days.

My first dose of chemo has gone without too much trouble. I'm a bit sore around my kidneys so I must drink plenty of fluids.

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