Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday morning

I woke up at silly o'clock this morning. My back is still giving me grief. I got up and had some breakfast and took my pills. Sue went out early to take a friend shopping so I checked my emails and had one from my friend Bob Howe in Sydney.
Bob came over with Nicki Gillis back in the summer and we played a number of dates including the Great North festival near Castle Barnard in County Durham.

Bob found a video of our performance of the Eurythmics song "Thorn in my side" on Youtube, so here it is as a reminder of last summer, and a foretaste of next summer, when Nicki will tour the UK and Europe, and I will be back on bass guitar duties.

We've still got some spare dates, so if you're looking for a great evening's entertainment please get in touch.

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