Sunday, 6 December 2009


I felt well enough to dress up warm and go out with Chris on Saturday afternoon. We drove over to Corby to collect some equipment that we'd put in for repair and whilst there, we called in to the catalogue clearance warehouse, which deals mainly in ex-Argos stock. There were a lot of people shopping, and there was a roaring trade in flat screen TVs at cost price or less. I noticed pallet upon pallet of blueray players and dvd recorders, two electrical gadgets that didn't exist five years ago, and now can't be given away.
Twenty five or thirty years ago it was VHS vs betamax video systems. One was relatively cheap and the other gave better results. What isn't always acknowledged is that the porn industry's decision to opt for VHS that sounded the death knell for Betamax. During the 90s there were a number of video systems using laser discs vying for supremacy. Once again, the porn industry chose DVD and the rest is history.
I wonder if the warehouse full of Blueray players at discount price could have anything to do with the rise of the internet, and sites like Youtube, where you can watch video scenes from almost every TV programmes, film, concert and pop video for free?
I watched TV in the early evening, then went for a lie down. I woke up just as Sue was going to bed, but being wide awake decided to watch Match of the Day. It's always good to see Chelsea being beaten. Unfortunately it's a rare occurrence these days. Then I started flicking channels and went to bed late. Woke up with backache. Went back to bed as couldn't get comfortable. Slept til 3.00. Got up to meet daughter Jayne's new fellow. Was persuaded to try Chris vibrating seat. Later I noticed that my backache had eased. Was it the seat, or the two painkillers I took before coming downstairs?
The rest of Sunday involved sitting in a comfy armchair alternately reading the paper, dozing, and watching TV. Sue cooked a lovely dinner.
Lazy days.

Following on from my comment about Youtube, I was talking to Chris about bands that I saw back in the 70s, and I mentioned the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Here's a clip of the band on the Old Grey Whistle Test playing "Delilah". I love the instrumental section. very visual.

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  1. SAHB were great. I believe the band still tours (without Alex of course.)

    I just read the whole blog. Sorry I did not catch on to this sooner. A while back, I had what you might call "a moment" (it lasted just over a week, this "moment") when I waited to go and have a blemish looked at. It turned out to be nothing, but those few days were weird to say the least. I felt like a cornered rat. My sense of myself, my time and place, were challenged. I started to think about my loved ones in a different way. My general attitude to what may be about to happen had to be organised. I think I felt I had to take control of it before it took control of me. The whole thing seemed glib and fatuous. Anyway, they gave me the all clear and I realised I had spent an uncomfortable few days in a sort of limbo.

    My thoughts are with you, and of course I wish that not only do you recover, but you buy me a drink, and soon.