Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Wednesday started the same as Tuesday. Backache and stiffness. Today I was bullied by Sue into doing something about it. She rang the surgery and they rang me. The upshot was that I had an appointment to see a GP this morning. He said that the painkillers weren't going to cure anything and what I needed was some anti-inflammatory drugs. And Omaprazole to stop the Naproxen messing my stomach. And some Diazapam to relax the muscles in my back. It's just as well I have an exemption certificate or that lot would cost over £20gbp.
I hobbled back to the car and Sue drove back to work. I called in to say hello while she got the prescription made up. It was nice to see everyone and catch up with news.
Sue then drove me home at lunchtime and she went back to work. She's under a bit of stress at the moment and her blood pressure is up a bit.
During the afternoon the central heating failed. I hope it doesn't get too cold because they can't come out to fix it until Friday. At least that's covered by insurance.

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