Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Weds Nov 18th

On Monday I sat in bed to read the paper. Yesterday I thought I'd do something different so I sat downsatirs in an armchair and read the paper. That's how different the days are. I sneaked downstairs on Monday night at around midnight because I heard voices. Chris had just got in from a rehearsal with Willie Sherkle and they'd just unloaded the van and were having a cuppa. Even though I only stayed long enough to say hello and get myself a drink, it was good to speak to someone different. Monday wasn't too bad actually, as daughter Jayne also called around for tea.
Yesterday I spent an hour or so entering figures on a spreadsheet for Chris. In the evening Sue and I watched some TV together, before she went upstairs to watch "I'm a celebrity". I can't stand the programme, although it has a hypnotic grip. Monty Python did a spoof TV quiz show back in the 70s. It was called "Spot the brain cell" and was subtitled "30 minutes of ritual humiliation of the old and greedy". How prophetic.
I spent the next few hours flipping channels and reading my book, until I realised I was very tired and should have gone to bed.
Today I will sit in bed and read my paper......

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  1. Oh Dave, I read your posts and they make me a little sad. Sad because I hate that you are going through this. Sad, because I hate the thought of the word cancer. Sad because, well , just because . . .you know why.
    Then I got to thinking, every time I have finished reading most of them, I realize you have made me smile, neigh, chuckle !
    Keep writing, I am a firm believer that writing down your thoughts helps process them in a strange way.
    How about a laptop in bed ? Beats the paper, then I can thrash the ass off you at poker?
    Hugs and kisses to you all