Saturday, 28 November 2009


Not much to report about Thursday & Friday except that it was getting harder to drink the quantities of fluid that I'd managed a few days previously. I also had a heaviness in my stomach as if I'd eaten too much, and this was constant.
Sue woke me up early this morning as she was due to go see her sister for the day. I took my pills and drank some tea, all the while my stomach growling. After a while I took some anti-nausea pills and had a couple of mouthfulls of cereal.
Bad move. I started to heave and only just made it to the bathroom, where I threw up all that morning's drugs. I went back to bed and slept all morning. Sue cancelled her day out and busied herself around the house.
I've had some toast and kept it down. Now I'm about to take my last dose of chemo.
It's like a cumulative poisoning I think. At the beginning of the week I can take it all in my stride, but the cumulative doses of drugs just wear you down. I expect to feel this low for all next week, but I hope I don't.

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