Monday, 16 November 2009

Monday 16th November

I spent Saturday afternoon dozing in front of the TV, trying to get excited about England's inept display against Argentina. Then I dozed some more, staying awake long enough to watch Strictly. Chris & Heather went out for the evening/night, so Sue and I watched some more TV (dozing really) before she dragged herself off to bed sometime after 11.00. I'd been in bed all day, so I decided to stay up a little longer. I flipped channels looking for something to watch.
Women treat the zapper differently from men. They use the zapper to see what's on, while men use it to see what else is on.
Before I knew it I was starting to get tired. I checked the time. 4.30. Chris wasn't home yet (they turned up at about 7.00 after celebrating a friend's birthday).
So I went to bed. And woke up at 10.00, took my pills, had some breakfast and settled down with the paper. Sue kept me supplied with drinks and even brought me dinner.
I stayed in bed, reading and sleeping. Sue came to bed and I slept on. I woke up at about 4.00 (having spent 23 hours in bed)and made some breakfast. I sat in front of the TV until about 6.00, when I realised I was dozing again so I went back to bed. Sue got up and went to work, leaving me in bed reading the paper. Enough is enough. I got up, had a shower and went downstairs for my second breakfast. I watched tv until lunchtime.
The only exercise I get is walking to and from the bathroom, and walking up stairs. Sometimes I really push the boat out and use the upstairs bathroom when I'm downstairs.
Prior to my diagnosis, my only symptoms were that I got tired. I don't know if I could manage half a day at work, let alone a full day. My resistance to infection is so low that I can't take the risk and go in to work, although there is work for me to do.
Only a week to go before my next bout of chemo.

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