Monday, 9 November 2009

Monday 9th November 2009

At last I am able to get back on to the site! Dave is still in hospital and we are hoping to get him home soon.. He is sleeping a lot but has had various things going on since I last wrote. He has a rash a reaction against some of the medication he has been taking we think, he has swollen feet and his hands at one point were swollen. He is off the drip now and his blood pressure seems to be holding up. Next week he has his second lot of chemo!



  1. Hope and pray your on the mend soon Dave.

    David Bull.

  2. Dave & Sue,
    Your in my thoughts and prayers daily. Love you and hope for great results soon.
    Jerry Arhelger

  3. Dear Dave and Sue,

    Sticking with you in prayer.

    Love and blessings,