Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thursday 19th November

So, did I sit in bed and read the paper, or did I go downstairs? Choices, choices!
Today I mostly sat in bed.
Chris got back late last night from his driving job, and we sat talking until the early hours. I had every intention of helping him with his books today, but he didn't get up until lunchtime. He had written a list of things to do, and doing his books was on it, but somehow there were other more pressing things to do. Funny that.

I decided yesterday that I'd start doing my accounts for 2009/10. You know, actually get ahead? Well, that won't get started until at least tomorrow. Funny that.

It was quite gratifying to read a friend's facebook posting to find he'd quoted from my blog. Thanks to everyone who stops by to read my posts.

It's difficult to know what to write. Some days I'm tired but not sleepy, and other days it's the other way around. I can never tell which it's going to be. Friends ring and ask how I am. Compared to yesterday ot this time last year? I feel OK today, but I haven't walked anywhere, or carried files around, or sat over a hot computer or switchboard. I haven't driven miles, unloaded the van and set up the kit. I haven't spent all day in the studio working on a recording, playing, listening, mixing.

I will do all those things again, but I'm only a few weeks into a treatment that is supposed to take six months. I'll take each day as it comes, and be glad that I don't feel anything like as bad as I did a week or two back.

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