Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wednesday 4th November 2009

After having a fairly sleepless night Dave woke feeling really unwell. He telephoned the Centinary Wing of the hospital and they called him back telling him to go in. They confirmed his blood pressure was very low and he was dehydrated. He spent the day on the ward having various amounts of liquid pumped into him. It was also decided that they would admit him and there would be a bed for him after At he was taken to Lilford ward at Kettering General Hospital. I left him there just after cam home, had some tea and went back to the hospital with our daughter Jayne ready for visiting at unbeknown to me visting had been changed and was from!! Well we had 10 mins with him. He is looking better but still getting stomach cramps. He is in a room on his own and cannot leave the room for fear of infection because he still has diarrhoea. Hoefully he will be back home soon.



  1. Hugs and kisses to you all, waiting for an update

  2. Any news Sue? Thinking of you all. X