Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday 16th March

Another lazy day. I didn't get dressed until mid afternoon. I spent the morning reading the paper and completing the word puzzle. The same as every day.
I posted a couple of articles on my other blogs and practiced my stick bass for a few minutes, but couldn't settle.
I don't know what's the matter but I expect I'm depressed. I've missed two targets that I'd set for this year. I should have played at a charity gig last weekend but I've only just got out of hospital, so that had to go.
Then the biggie. I've been looking forward to Nicki Gillis' tour since last summer. Then I was diagnosed with CLL. We looked at the dates and if all went well, it was still possible to get my treatment done and dusted and be recovered enough to fulfil the dates.
That was before my eyes started playing up in January, when my treatment was delayed by two weeks due to scleritis in my eye. That put my January treatment back to the first week in February.
Just before my March treatment I got ill and ended up in hospital again. I'm hoping to have my next treatment in the third week of March and the final dose four weeks later.
This just doesn't give enough time for my body to recover, so the doctors won't give the go-ahead to tour.
On the plus side, my recent bout of scleritis has responded to treatment, and I'm due to attend the clinic tomorrow. I'll have to get a taxi home.
And then I'll sit and read the paper. And do the word puzzle.

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