Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday 22nd March

A frustrating day. We arrived at the blood clinic in good time to find a queue out of the door. This appears to be the Monday norm. I do get a fast track number because I have another appointment, so my wait wasn't long. The lady taking my sample struggled to get any blood, but then realised that the container was at fault. I had three separate samples taken and then walked around to the Haematology clinic. This was also running late but I managed to read a lot of the paper before I was called.
My blood results were excellent again. This is the fourth month that shows no trace of the leukaemia cells. However, my treatment has been postponed for four weeks because of this cough. It may now happen during the third week of April, three months after my last bout.
We have a week's holiday booked in May,and I think the timing will work out OK. If all goes well, then I will take my final course at the end of May.
This has completely scuppered any chance of being able to take any part in Nicki's tour, which starts in the second week of June.
I'm having to find another target or project to focus on.
You're old when you have nothing new left to do. I'm not ready to quit yet.

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