Friday, 12 March 2010

A good night's sleep

I was ready for bed before ten last night and went straight to sleep. It was lovely having enough room to move and enough pillows. The next thing I knew it was seven this morning and Sue was getting ready to go to work. She'd lost half a day yesterday and her work still needs to be done.

After a cup of tea or two I was almost ready to face the day. Sue managed to get some eyedrops into my eyes and went off to work. I sorted out my pills for the day (seven now and seven later) and took my temperature which was OK.

A friend rang me last night to ask how I was getting on. I brought him up to date and then we spent ten minutes or so looking at our houses on Google street view. I've not been to his house since he moved and his new house looks very nice. Mine of course had two white vans on the drive and one in the side street. I can tell almost to the day when the google car drove down our street based on that information.
Being curious I had a look at my place of work. The google car never drove down our street. Anyone who has ever driven into Kettering town centre will tell you that it's a nightmare. The brief given by the council to the planners was to keep traffic out of the centre and it works at treat. You drive into the centre, get caught up in the one way system and before you know it, you're heading out of town again. It seems the google car got caught out as well, because he took an illegal left turn into Gold Street and drove through the pedestrianised section to make his escape. The evidence is there for all to see.

The drugs I've just taken have left a vile taste in my mouth, so I'm off to find some tea and something to take away the taste.

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