Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday morning 21st March

I visited the eye clinic last Wednesday morning and was given the all clear. I still have apply the eye drops, but less frequently.
During the afternoon I started coughing. I've been coughing ever since.  Nothing seems to stop it. Antiseptic throat spray numbs my throat for a few minutes. I cough and cough but nothing shifts. I cough so much I feel faint and have to hang on to the furniture. My chest aches from the coughing. I've checked but I'm not running a temperature.
This will be the fourth or fifth year that I've had this. When it strikes I just have to sit still and wait it out. Sometimes I just have to sit upright, even through the night.
Life is on hold.
I have a blood test and an appointment to see the specialist tomorrow morning. If he agrees then I will have my long delayed fifth course of treatment on Tuesday.

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  1. Praying that you will get the go ahead for the continuation of your treatment tomorrow and that your cough and the discomfort you are suffering ends quickly.

    with love, dear Dave,

    Pat and Colin XXX