Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday 5th March 5.00 am.

I'm awake, just over three hours after going to sleep. And I ache.
My left kneecap hurts to touch and hurts when I flex the joint. There's no signs of bruising or any marks at all.
My right midriff hurts when I breathe in. One of the lower ribs hurts to touch.
My upper right arm hurts. This seems to be in the muscle rather the joint. I get a stabbing pain when I flex the joint.
My right wrist joint hurts. Possibly arthritic.
My left eye feels uncomfortable, like something is pressing on the eyeball.
My mouth tastes horrible. I keep coughing up phlegm.
I cough and cough almost uncontrollably.
If I lie on my left side it feels uncomfortable. The doctor said that this was due to an enlarged spleen. If I lie on my right side, my lower ribcage hurts.
If I lie on my back I cough.
My doctor assures me that my chest is clear, but if I sit or lie still some bronchial passages start making wheezing or bubbling or groaning sounds. I'm unable to control it in any way.
I chose not to have chemo this week because of the speed that my throat infection and temperature took hold. My immune systen is pretty shot anyway and I didn't want to make it any worse by killing it with chemo.
I wonder if these aches and pains are connected to CLL. I don't know.
My prescriptions for Aciclovir and Co-Trimaxole have run out, so I have to go into the clinic later today to pick up fresh supplies.
I'm hoping that they will postpone my treatment until Tuesday week. I'm due to be playing a set at the Alfest gig next Saturday. It's touch and go if I can make it, but if I have chemo there's no chance.
I've seen the rheumatologist and he's not going to start any treatment until I've finished chemotherapy.
The pain in my side has been niggling away for some time. I am due to have a CT scan after the last round of chemo, but that could be eight weeks away.
I went to the eye clinic and she gave me some drops and some steroids. I've since been discharged.
They took my blood pressure and commented that it was a bit high. I took a course of drugs and it reduced the BP to normal. I had my BP taken at the clinic last Monday. It's up again.

None of these aches and pains are much to write home about (or blog) by themselves but together they make life miserable.and uncomfortable.
Or am I being hypersensitive?

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