Thursday, 11 March 2010

Friday- Thursday part 2

I arrived back on Lilford Ward during the afternoon visiting time. It was like I'd never left. I even remembered some of the nurse's names. Once again I had a room of my own.

I spent the next few days reading, (I read a book a day) doing codeword puzzles ( I completed a book of 60), reading the newspaper, and blagging extra cups of tea from the staff. I didn't bother with the TV or radio.

My obs (Blood pressure, temperature etc) were taken very four hours. I had antibiotic injections three times a day, plus various pills. One pill gave me a terrible taste in the mouth, like chewing dandelions. They took blood samples every couple of days.

I had regular visits from Sue and Chris. It wasn't so bad. I didn't feel ill as such. I just couldn't do anything. From Sunday to Tuesday I doubt if I took a hundred steps a day.

My lunchtime meal on Saturday consisted of a small slice of meat about 2 inches by three, one small scoop of mash, and four tiny pieces of parsnip. Less than twelve mouthfuls.
I blagged an evening meal on Lilford and ate everything that was edible. I was determined not to go hungry and lose weight. We order our meals each day. Monday's order is Tuesday's meal, etc. I asked for large portions every day. I can't tell if I got them, but having seen a small portion I expect I did.

One reads reports of patients suffering malnutrition in hospital. I lost weight the last time I was in, and I didn't want to lose too much this time. Even so, I was a couple of kilos lighter than I was last week when I was weighed on Wednesday night.

When I wasn't reading or eating or being measured, I tried to sleep. Single rooms are much better than four bed wards in that respect. However, I couldn't get comfortable on the bed. The pillows were too thin and the bed too short and too narrow. The drugs gave me a bitter aftertaste and I could taste it all night. It wasn't until I was ready to leave that I found that they'd have made me a cup of tea if I asked for one..

Other than that, I was bored and homesick.

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