Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hacked off

I went to the hospital yesterday and was there all morning. First of all I had to queue for a blood test. I was still waiting at the time I was supposed to be seen by the haematology specialist.I eventually had my blood taken and then walked around to the clinic. We queued for about half an hour before I was seen.
My blood results are good and the doctor was happy to start the treatment today (Tuesday 2nd March). I had a slight niggly cough and I told him I thought it was the onset of trachyitis. I get it every winter and it knocks me out for a couple of weeks.
He listened to my chest and pronounced it clear. We then had to go to the Rheumatology clinic. This was just an introductory meeting as the specialist didn't want to start treatment while I was having chemotherapy. He sent me to have some x-rays of my chest and my hands.
By the time we'd finished it was past midday and I was feeling worse. As the day progressed my cough worsened and I felt really unwell.
This morning I had a raging sore throat and I'm trying my hardest not to cough because it hurts.
I didn't go to the clinic but kept in touch with them by phone. Dr Lyttleton wants to start the course next Tuesday but that will cut across my appearance at the Alfest charity concert. I've asked if it can be put back to the 16th, but that hasn't been agreed yet.
I rang my GP and spoke to him by phone, explaining the symptons and the complications. He has made an appointment for me this afternoon. To be honest, I'd rather go back to bed.

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