Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tuesday 22nd June

I went to the hospital yesterday to have a blood test and for a change the clinic was empty. Usually they're queued out of the door on a Monday morning. It must be the sunshine.
I then went to Dr Lyttleton's clinic and sat and read the paper until I was called.

It seems that I don't have any white blood cells at the moment. This is due to the ear/throat infection. I've been prescribed a course of injections to stimulate more white blood cells. I have to inject myself each day.

The upshot of all this is that I won't be having chemo until this infection is cleared up. I have to go back on Friday for another blood test and consultation. The doctor warned me that if my temperature exceeded 38c than I would have to be admitted to hospital while they treated the infection with antibiotics.

It goes without saying that I am monitoring my temperature constantly. It was very hot yesterday as we drove up to Widnes for the next stop on Nicki's tour. I stood back while they unloaded and loaded the van. That felt very strange as I'm normally very active.
We got home at about 4 this morning and I was awake at about 10.30.
My temperature is still "normal" but my back is giving me some real pain. I just can't get comfortable. My doctor said that I'd know when the injections kick in and I start to produce white blood cells because my joints will start to ache.
I don't think that this is what he meant.

We're back out on the road tomorrow (Wednesday) and again on Friday and Sunday. This gives me a day to recover.

I'm enjoying every moment of playing on stage. I wouldn't change this for the world. This is what I do. I just hope I can continue doing it for the remainder of the tour.

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