Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday 13th June

Another week gone by. The weather broke and for a couple of days I felt unwell. Nothing specific, just unwell. However when the weather turned I was able to get back out in the garden and cut the grass and tidy up a bit. It's amazing how therapeutic it is.
Other than that I've been taking my pills and taking my temperature regularly and practising my bass guitar. Nicki arrives in the UK on Thursday and I'm determined to be at that rehearsal on Thursday evening and on the tour bus on Friday. If I can make the first two dates I'll be happy. I will then see the specialist next Monday, have my chemo and if all goes well, rejoin the tour a couple of weeks later.
I have an appointment to see an arthritis specialist next month and I'll have to postpone that as I'll still have chemotherapy drugs in my system.

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