Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday 26th June

The hot weather continues. I don't like prolongued spells above about 27c, but as the saying goes, mustn't grumble. It is after all, much better that the prolongued cold spell last winter, when temperatures struggled to get about zero.
I had another blood test yesterday and I saw the doctor. She said that my white blood cell count was improving but that the platelet  count was still very low. I'm not sure what set that off. I've been carrying a throat/ear infection and mouth ulcers for the last week. Maybe there's something else underlying that.
The news is that I'm to finish the course of injections and then go back again on Tuesday for another blood test and consultation.
There is one change in the strategy. Last month they were talking about two further courses of chemotherapy, now they're hinting that I may not have/need the sixth. The doctor spoke about another bone marrow test and a CT scan in the next few weeks.

Nicki's tour continues apace. We're playing on Sunday and again on Wednesday. The gaps between the dates have worked in my favour. I have at least a day/night in between each show to recover. I'm feeling stronger as well. It still feels very strange not to be allowed to load the van and carry the gear in or out of the venues. I just read a book or the paper, and then set the kettle up and make everyone a cup of tea. It was so hot last night that I drank two mugs straight off before my thirst was quenched.
Ah, the rock and roll lifestyle!

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