Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bone marrow test Weds 28th April

I went to bed early on Tuesday night and managed to sleep through until almost eight. At least I wasnt thinking about my stomach. I couldnt eat or drink anything before attending the treatment centre.
We arrived at the brand new treatment centre at Kettering General Hospital. Very big, very airy and very similar to the new Prospect House medical centre close by. That is where my doctor is based. Two medical practices in one building.

Its immediately obvious that these buildings have been paid for with public money. They have been laid out without regard to staffing costs. At my doctors surgery there is a large ground floor lobby with a receptionist sitting there. Her job is to direct people to the next floor, as the surgeries are located there. You go upstairs and there are two reception desks,one for each practice, with at least two receptionists at each desk.
The new Treatment Centre also has a receptionist on the ground floor. I went to her desk to be told that I need to go upstairs. I went upstairs and there is anorther reception desk just outside the lifts. I was checked in and directed to the waiting area. And then I was collected and brought into the day ward.

The duplication and overstaffing of support staff is staggering. If these were private businesses they wouldnt waste the money. Is the NHS a job creation scheme for admin and clerical staff?
I think the treatment I m getting is second to none,but the cost of delivery must be horrendous.
But the people who make the decisions dont have to pay the bills, just ask the government for more cash or else close a ward or get rid of some front line staff.

As I said, I m grateful for the care and attention I get. I have been working and paying tax and National Insurance stamps for over forty years, so if anyone is entitled to NHS treatment I am. I just dont believe that we can afford the NHS in its present form.
Cameron, Brown and Clegg have all said that the NHS wont be subject to cuts after the election. That is just to ensure that the NHS staff will vote for them. The NHS is the largest employer in the UK and the fourth largest in the world. If cuts have to be made to stop the country going bankrupt, then the NHS will have to be cut as well.

I know where some cuts can be made that wont affect the level of front line care. You can start by closing down duplicate reception desks.

My bone marrow test went very quickly. I had a local anaesthetic and apart from being pushed and pulled while they dug needles into the bone in the small of my back, I felt very little pain. Ive had worse dental treatment.
I was back home by lunchtime and was told to rest up and not remove the plaster on my back for a couple of days.

I get the results in about ten days time.

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