Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday 17th April

Another sleepless night. This cough won't let up. It starts as a tickle and then builds and builds until I can't stop coughing. My chest muscles hurt and I've a thumping headache from where my brain is rattling inside my skull.
I'm supposed to have another bout of treatment next week. Will the specialist let it go ahead?
I'm fed up with it now.
I will be even more so if they tell me that my blood count is still very good, meaning that the leukaemia cells are negligible. I've been told that since before Christmas but I'm no nearer to completing my treatment because my non-existent immune system means I pick up anything and everything going.
Life is on hold.

I've caught sight of the cat that sneaks into our kitchen to eat all the catfood. He's a bit too quick for me but we've had a couple of staring sessions, once through the kitchen door after he'd made his escape, and last night I chased him out of the garden. I expect he'll be back again soon.

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