Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sun April 11th

I'm writing this early on Sunday morning. It's been a nice few days and I've been able to get out into the garden and cut the grass. I've also had a go at getting the dandelions before they start blooming.
Chris has a full size pool table in the garden so we removed the covers to let the air get at it and played a few frames in the evening. Well, Chris played, and I pushed the balls around the table, occasionally potting a ball, usually the white one.

The longer I stayed out there, the more I noticed jobs that need doing. Chris made a start today by finishing off the edge of a patio that has needed doing for about 18 months, and we took a lot of junk to the tip.

After all that exercise I retired to the living room to watch the rugby. The Saints were playing Munster in the Heineken Cup and they took them all the way  but lost by over ten points. Still it was a good game and they're still in the hunt for the league championship. I ignored the golf and the Grand National and watched the last day of the cycling which was exciting, and then the qualifying for the first race of the MotoGP season, which carried on as the last season ended, with Stoner, Rossi and Lorenzo battling for pole. Should be a good season.

All this armchair sport isn't getting me fit, but the warm weather means that I can walk to the shops or around the garden without having to put on layers of clothing and heavy boots.
One more week to go before my next blood test and appointment at the hospital.

Oh, and I caught sight of the cat that comes into the house and eats all the cat food. I will be posting wanted posters shortly....

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