Monday, 5 April 2010

April 5th

Easter has come and gone and I'm still two weeks away from my next bout of treatment. I did visit a DIY shed over the weekend and some friends and family called around over the weekend. I even walked to the shops to get a paper.
It's not quite warm enough to get out and cut the grass, which hasn't been touched since treatment started. If it doesn't rain this week I'll have a go at it. I'm also making plans to plant some beans and other veg in containers and Chris has been talking about replacing our garden shed since last year. maybe we'll do it this year.
We replaced our back door. The old one was about twenty five years old and not very sturdy. A good kick would have dislodged the bottom panel. The new double glazed door has a catflap so that Rufus can come and go. He won't go in the house but finds my onion patch very much to his liking. Some mornings we find that all the cat food has been eaten, and Rufus has been asleep on our bed all night. Methinks we have a stray visitor.....

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