Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Feb 1st

Just back from the hospital where I've been prodded & poked, weighed and measured, tried and tested. My blood test results are good. The Leukaemia cell count has been negligible for the last two or three appointments. However, they will complete the full course of treatment to be sure.
My blood pressure remains very high. They've given me some pills to try and lower it.
There was some debate whether to have another CT scan now or wait until the end of the treatment. In the end they decided to wait. I'm finding it too uncomfortable to sleep lying on my left side, which is indicative that my spleen may be enlarged. However they don't think it's a enough of a problem to change the treatment.

So I go back to the clinic tomorrow for a dose of chemo via a drip, and I'll be taking loads of pills for the rest of the week.

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