Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7th February

I've just finished my fourth round of chemo and I'm pleased to say that this one went the best so far (so good).
I was sick just the once, yesterday morning soon after I woke up. I'd only taken a couple of anti-nausea pills prior to the main course of Cyclophosphamide, plus a mouthful or two of water. Soon afterwards I felt the familiar warning signs, the taste in my mouth, and teh increase in saliva that precludes the event, and was in the bathroom in good time. Three almost dry heaves and that was it.
The worst part of the routine is waking up, feeling hungry and having to wait an hour after taking the dose before eating any food. Sometimes I think the nausea is as much to do with hunger than anything.
Anyway, my routine has been slightly different this time. I've been to the shop almost every day (except for yesterday when I'd been sick) and I've even used the car to take Chris & Heather down the town last night. My lower back & hips hurt quite a lot, but I've found that I can walk the stiffness off, even if it's only a few hundred yards to the shop & back. I still managed to doze through two rugby matches on TV yesterday, so somethings don't change.
Next week's plan is to try and get more exercise and get out and meet a few more people. I managed a trip to the local music shop last week, which was nice (if expensive). I bought a new hard case for my Yamaha acoustic guitar that I got in a swap for my Faith Jupiter acoustic, and Chris bought himself a Pearl drum rack, which should cut down the number and weight of stands when he sets his drum kit up.

I'm by nature a bit of a recluse and have to force myself to be sociable even when I'm fit. I tend to stay at home unless I've a reason to go out, a paying gig or a firm music booking for instance. There are lots of acoustic music venues in the locality, easily enough to go out most nights of the week, so I'll force myself to get out once my immunity builds up. Or maybe that's an another excuse for staying in.

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