Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday update

Bored bored bored.
What a strange week. I've just got back from attending the eye clinic again. They want to see me in two weeks. What have I learned? I'm squeamish when it comes to touching my eyes for a start. I've struggled to apply the eye drops they gave me, so they want me to keep applying them for two more weeks.
My blood pressure is high, about 170 over 90. Considering that I spent a week in hospital in November with almost zero blood pressure, that's quite a swing. I don't know what has caused it, or if it will affect my treatment which is due for next Monday. I called in to the clinic on my way to the car park and bumped into Dr Littleton. He didn't seem too concerned, but then he wouldn't say either way would he?

What else is new?
They finally fixed the central heating boiler yesterday. It originally failed on December 9th. I've had the spares since before Christmas and it took a lot of calls to get them to fix it. One excuse was that it was a two man job (as it turned out, two men turned up but one could have done it). Another excuse was that they needed to order the spares (no you don't I have them here).
I hate calling helplines. I hate the rigmarole of pressing option one for this, option 2 for that, etc. I hate the cheerful voice saying how they apologise for keeping me waiting, instead of employing more staff. Most of all, I hate the music they play. Grrrrrr!

So, my next appointment at the hospital will be on Monday morning. All being well, I'll start chemo session number four.
I hope it starts warming up soon.
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