Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sat 20th February

Almost nothing to report. I went into work a couple of times for an hour or so to sort out a computer and then get the legal software updated. My role in the firm is to keep us compliant with the ever changing regulations. Solicitors are almost the most highly regulated firms in the UK. This year so far I've had to amend the client care letter (our terms and conditions) to bring us into line with the new EU policy on the complaints procedure, and to include details of our indemnity insurance.
We've always had these systems, we've always had indemnity insurance. We have to have insurance or we can't trade. I just think that advertising that we have a complaints procedure and insurance is a big flag waving and saying "Here we are, come and sue us.)
Ok, rant over. I have my other blogs for that.
I'm still surprised how tired I am after these trips. I couldn't put in a full day even if I wanted to. Or maybe if I did, I'd never put in a second. Don't we just take our health and strength for granted?

What else? A friend called by on his way home from a business trip to the Midlands and spent an hour or so catching up on news. I had phone calls from friends and it snowed again.
I'm making good progress with the bass and I'm more in tune than out, so I'm looking forward to inflicting my playing on the public. Just be glad that my lifelong obsession was to learn the double bass and not the bagpipes.
I have another week before my next round of appointments at the hospital, and a month before my first concert of the year. And a round of chemo in between.
And then a holiday somewhere warm?

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