Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday update

All good. Arrived at the clinic 20 minutes early. (Chris was ready, I was ready, so we went). They found me a nice reclining armchair and sat me down. Coffee and biscuits soon after, with further refills during the morning. Sue recognised one of the volunteers when we were there yesterday. I don't know if it was the same person today, but hey, they're friendly, they smile and they bring you drinks.

After the canella was fitted, the first thing they inject is a dose of piriton, so that's me drowsy and out of it for the rest of the morning. Fit the drip sir? Whatever!.
I alternated between reading the newspaper and dozing throughout the morning. The seat was reclined, the hospital table cum tray was tilted so I could read the paper and the day went by, punctuated by the nurses taking my blood pressure and temperature. Tuna sandwiches for lunch. Then during the afternoon the clinic started to empty as treatments were finished. I chatted to the guy sitting next to me for a while until he was ready to leave. Soon it was my turn to leave. By now there were more nurses than patients as they got everything for the next day's clinic. I was given a bagful of drugs and I was on my way.
I phoned Chris for a lift and made my way to one of the exits near a bus stop, sat down until Chris rang to say he was driving up the hill and then went outside to be picked up.
All in all it was a very uneventful day. I enjoyed meeting all the staff. They're a small team and you get to see them every time and learn their names. One of the nurses was on holiday in Antartica of all places. It's too cold here, so that's right out for me, even if it is summer there.
Tomorrow I will start with the chemo proper, with one drug for breakfast and another for lunch, with a side order of anti-nausea pills. Let's see if I can make it through the week without being sick. I've not managed it yet.

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