Wednesday, 20 January 2010


My eye doesn't hurt today. The hardest part of the treatment is trying to get the liquid into my eye- and repeat it six times a day.
Other than that, I'm sniffing and snuffling my way towards a two barrelled (or nostrilled) head cold. I drove to Northampton with Chris yesterday afternoon. He had some business to do, including the transfer of his customised numberplate to my van (which I had to pay for) My tourbus now carries the numberplate C3EMO, which kind of ruins the anonymity that's desireable when you carry high value musical equipment around. We called into a music shop for some drumsticks and I had a play of a Gibson J45-50 that was for sale. I've always wanted one,but that was a bit expensive, especially for someone who's only getting Statutory Sick Pay and a medical insurance payment each month.

So Cadbury's have been bought by Kraft. I can't think of a single product that Kraft makes that tastes good. Everything is processed to death. They make Toblerone, a chocolate bar that hurts your mouth when you try to bite a chunk off the bar. So Kraft will need to tread carefully.

My main concern (and one which I suspect is universally shared) is that they keep the original recipes for the products. US chocolate is foul stuff, worse than Belgian chocolate. Any moves to tinker with a quintessentially British taste experience will destroy the brand.
Whether Cadbury's continue to produce their confectionery in the UK, while of concern to the local communities involved, is less important. If they change the recipe, it won't matter where they make it.
And I enjoy my daily fix of Cadbury's. It's only a few hundred grammes a day. I've got it under control.

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