Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Day

A Happy New Year to you all. Yesterday was a non-day. I got up and sat in a chair, read a bit, drank cups of tea and coffee and ate from time to time. Watched some TV, read the newspaper and completed some word puzzles, and read some more of Ayn Rand's brilliant novel "Atlas Shrugged". Then went to bed at about 11.00. Chris had gone out for the night. Sue had gone upstairs suffering from almost terminal boredom. I set the recorder to record Jools Holland's Hootenany and went to bed. I read a bit and then slept.
What an exciting life.

I'm using my other blog to write and comment about non-medical matters. So from now on, music videos, cartoons, my thoughts on music, books, global warming and other stuff will be posted over there, so that those who are using this blog to keep up with my health can read about that here.
I've written a short piece about catching up on my reading today and posted it on teh other site.

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