Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday 5th January

I woke up early and saw the fresh snow in the garden. That put paid to any idea that I'd walk to the shops to get a newspaper. I'm so unfit. The most exercise I get is walking up and down stairs. Two weeks in every month all I can do is lie in bed or on the sofa, and as I'm in recovery mode at the moment it'd be good to try and exercise my joints with some walking. But it's snowing, so I'll be peering out the window for the next few days.
I tried to contact the boiler repair people. I've had two boxes of spare parts since before Christmas and no-one has yet called around to install them. The phone was constantly engaged yesterday (surprise surprise) and when I did get through I was given another number. Which rang and rang. And rang and rang.

I'm also trying to sort out my mortgage protection insurance. They made a mistake calculating my annual salary so I rang them before Christmas and the staff member I spoke to agreed that they'd miscalculated. I chased them up yesterday to be told that they'd looked at it again and no, they hadn't made a mistake, and it's up to me to prove how much I earn per year. So I'm waiting for their letter before responding.

More later.

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