Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday 8th January

It's cold outside apparently. I've not ventured out for a day or two. There's enough food and drink, the central heating's still holding on,and I've a book of word puzzles for when I get fed up with reading, blogging or watching TV.

The news is full of shortages. We're short of salt and grit for the roads. We're short of gas and some businesses have been cut off. Some homes are without electricity because the ice has brought down power lines.

I'm a fervent denier of Man Made Global Warming. I say it again and again that we have more to fear from the cold than the heat. Recent winters have been increasingly hard. Each year it takes longer for the ground to warm up in the Spring, so the ground gets cooler each year. Governments take decisions based on information given to them, and the BBC and Met Office are in the pockets of the global warming conspirators. The forecast was for a wet and mild winter, so nobody is prepared for this. People will die. I posted a table showing the numbers of deaths each year that can be attributed to the cold. It's on my other blog.

The central heating boiler is working after a fashion. We daren't turn it off. We have two boxes of spares waiting to be fitted, but I can't get through to arrange an appointment. As I write the lights keep dimming as the grid struggles to keep up with demand. I prophesied this back in October.

Some people will insist that two bad winters do not mean that global warming doesn't exist. They claim that weather is not the same as climate. OK.

Let me say this. Two hot summers do not mean that global warming is the cause.
Weather is not the same as climate remember?

As I write I've some pills to take and another ten days before the next round of chemo. Assuming I'm not frozen in that is.

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