Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weds morning 21st October

I went to bed early last night and woke up at about 4.30. Eventually I got up and made myself a drink and some cereal, then lay on the sofa downstairs with the TV on low.

It's wierd, I'm supposed to be ill. The doctor told me that I have CLL, and I'm going through the treatment. But I lay awake this morning thinking that I don't feel any different than I did months ago, when I was working, even driving and touring with the band. I get tired, that's all.

I'd feel worse if I had a cold or flu. However, the docs say that I need to avoid any infection so I have to stay in quarantine.

What a strange sort of illness.


  1. Maybe you know of these sites, if not then visit them for info and support regarding CLL:

    I was diagnosed in 2006 and have been having a pretty easy time of it so far, hope you will too.

  2. Thanks Gritz,
    I've got both sites in my favourites- and registered on the forum