Friday, 16 October 2009

Last day at work- Friday 16th October

It was a hectic day, not helped when I discovered that the alarm clock was 20 minutes slow! I was heading for the shower when I should have been heading for the door! I arrived at work to be told to load up all the scrap paper and take it to the recycling centre. Job done and got stuck into the day's tasks, which included updating some of the firm's documents, typing up more instructions on how to do jobs that get taken for granted, and keeping the tea and coffee coming.
I took the post down early and went shopping for all the essentials- tea bags, coffee, toilet rolls, etc. Once that was finished it was time to go home. I got in and slumped on the sofa, and woke up an hour later.
I chilled out until tea was ready. My friend Pete arrived just as we finished tea, so we went into the studio to work on songs for our showreel. We call ourselves The Back Numbers and we play music from the forties to the noughties, all styles including rock n roll, country, pop, standards etc. We were hoping to be working in the run up to Christmas but we'll have to see how I respond to treatment.
It's surprising how much there is to organise. I've still got to file my tax return online. I'm making excuses now. I can't be doing with it. It's not that I make any money from music but I have to file a return anyway. Each year I agonise over the forms and eventually get them sent off. I think that my hard earned knowledge will help the next time I have to fill the return but every year the forms are different or the rules are different. I printed off each stage of my online return last year in the vain hope that it would help but no.....
I'll have to ring the helpline and have someone talk me through it.
That'll be next week's challenge.

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