Monday, 26 October 2009

Saturday & Sunday

I had a very quiet weekend. My back gave me some grief from time to time and I decided that it was better to feel queasy on a full stomach than on an empty one.
Sue and Chris visited a friend and left me home (I was originally going to go as well, but took the doctor's advice and stayed home)
So my Saturday was spent in front of the TV, interspersed with sleeping on the sofa. For added excitement I worked on the crossword (i'm saving my book for when I get really bored).
Anyway Saturday became Sunday. Sleep three hours, awake to eat, watch TV, more sleep, more TV.
Chris finished the new garden feature and it looks great. I did walk to the local shop to buy some bread and bacon, so we had bacon & egg butties with HP sauce- yum yum!
I sat and watched TV (what else) until about nine when I went for a lie down in the conservatory. I woke up at two this morning, had a drink and some cereal and guess what, watched TV before falling asleep again.
Three hours on, three hours off.

Looking forward to this afternoon when a friend is calling in. I haven't seen him for a couple of years, so a good time is anticipated. He's bringing his guitar as well.

My bloodshot eyes have cleared up.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Spoke to Colin an hour ago. I'm so pleased to hear that you seem to be in good spirits. I'm sure he told you we'll be driving down from Lincs on 21st Nov and would love to drop by - so I get a chance for a good Cornish hug as well. God bless. Speak soon,