Friday, 30 October 2009

Bloody parrot!

Yesterday I cleaned out our parrot's cage. Billy is a Timotay- a small African grey and is about 19 years old. We've had him since 1996 and you'd think he'd be used to me by now. He's a sucker for the ladies- they can put their fingers into his cage and tickle his belly- but if my fingers are anywhere within reach then he'll strike.
Well yesterday I was moving his cage and thought my fingers were safe, but no. He bit my right index finger so hard it drew blood.

After I'd finished cursing and swearing I spoke to Sue and she suggested I ring the clinic. They thought I ought to have some antibiotics- just in case, so I phoned my GP who agreed. So now I'm taking some more anti-biotics, along with the three days a week antibiotics that are part of my treatment. All I have to do is remember when to take them, and remember that I need to take four per day on an empty stomach.

Other than that, I've been quite tired with a sleeping pattern that's gone to pot. Last night I fell asleep on the sofa at about 8.00, woke up briefly when Sue went to bed at ten, woke again when Chris came in at about 11.30. had a cup of coffee, dozed off when he left the house to drive to London and woke up at about 3.30. I watched some tv programmes that I'd recorded until about 6.00. Sue heard me and came downstairs. I promptly fell asleep again, waking at about 8.30 (Sue had left for work)and again at 10ish. I got up, had some breakfast and washed and changed. I had my lunch at 11.30 and fell asleep again, waking just after 2.00. I watched a bit of TV but fell asleep before the end of the programme on the Discovery channel, so I rewound it and managed to see it all in between spells of dozing off. Chris arrived back home at about 4.00 and Sue at about 5.00. I don't know what day it is.

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