Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tuesday afternoon

My second chemo session went very well. No bad reactions and no side effects. I sat in a reclining chair reading the paper while the drip did its thing. I even had a snooze.
In fact, I was ready to leave at 3.00 because the nurse was able to increase the dose.
Thanks to everyone for the messages of support and encouragement, and for their prayers. One friend who must remain nameless said that they'd be praying even though they're not a believer.
I've got loads of pills to take this week and then I go and see the specialist next Tuesday. Then my next date in the chemo chair will be about 4 weeks away.

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  1. Catching up on your blog brother - our hearts, prayers and songs go out to you at this time. It's wonderful to see the dry Clemo smile shining through your words - we pray that your humour keeps kicking you where it needs to! You are a precious son of God and we know His hand is over you now. We continue to pray for full recovery of your body and voice.... Be blessed Dave.

    Pat and Colin