Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wednesday 19th May

I'm writing this in Middlesbrough Central Library. We got up early to catch the 8.52 from Whitby to Middlesbrough and enjoyed a train ride along the Esk Valley and on to Middlesbrough. We have about four hours before we catch the train back. At £8.70 for both of us it's a bargain.
We arrived at our holiday home on Friday and soon got settled in. We've stayed in this house before so it was just as we remembered it, except that the sofas were new and quite comfortable (most holiday homes aren't).
We called in to the Convention to say hello, make contact with Colin on the sound desk and put our CDs on display. It was good to meet Paul Wheater again. He was rushed off his feet as usual. We're hoping to spend more time with him later in the week.
Saturday was spent lazing around. I didn't want to tire myself out before the evening concert. We arrived at the venue in good time and I was first on. George Hamilton IV introduced me in his usual inimitable style and I sang five songs. I had to sit down as my back was hurting, but the songs went really well. I told the audience that they'd been listening to tracks from my forthcoming album. I'm hoping to make a start this summer.
Sunday was another lazy day. We watched the Monaco Grand Prix and then went down to the Convention to meet some friends, leaving before the concert got under way.
Sue managed to put her back out while getting out of the shower so we both hobbled around the town, stopping frequently to look at the view, lean on the harbour railings or sit down. Someone once described getting old as always looking for somewhere to sit, and I know what they mean.
Tuesday was spent at Saltburn by the Sea. I really like the place. It was sunny and warm away from the beach and people are friendly and happy to chat all day. On the way back we called into Grosmont and had our first sniff of steam as we walked up to the engine sheds and watched the trains go by.
I'm doing a fair bit of walking and I'm tired by the end of the day, but I'm sleeping well even though the bed is a bit small. Feeling tired is not the same as feeling ill, so I'm hopeful that I'm on the road to recovery.
I'm not sure what else I'm doing this week. It will involve a fair bit of sitting and looking at the sea.

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